Nordic walking 7,5 or 12.5 km

Nordic walking 7.5 or 12.5 km


We’re pleased to walk the usual Nordic walking route again this year after being forced to use an alternate route due to flooding in 2016. For both the 7,5-km and 12.5-km events, the route starts at the sports grounds in Niedernhall, follows the paved “Brückenwiesenweg” street, and turns left along the “Forellenbach” stream. Continuing on the “Gerberstraße” street, the route then follows the “Bachwiesenstraße” street to the fish ponds. From there it follows forest paths to the refreshment station at kilometer 3.5.

Those walking the 7,5-km route go right after the refreshment station, returning to the fish ponds and taking the same path back to the sports grounds in Niedernhall.

Those wanting to walk 12.5 km go left toward Waldzimmern and then return to the refreshment station. Here they head back to the fish ponds and then to the finish line in Niedernhall.

The 7,5-km route is indicated by green markings, the 12.5-km route by red ones.

Both routes may be run with and without Nordic Walking sticks.

To the route 7,5 km.

To the route 12,5 km.

Nordic walking 7.5 km Route

Nordic walking 12.5 km Route


The walk is scheduled to start at 3:00 pm with or without timekeeping. (Please specify when registering. Rental fee 3,00 €)
At the finish the participants can expect a finisher medal and a certificate confirming their participation.
Team ranking: The team with the most walkers will win a prize
Participants must bring their own Nordic walking poles.


For safety reasons, the use of baby joggers is not permitted, nor may participants be accompanied by people on bicycles.


Timekeeping is performed with a ChampionChip, which must be fastened to the participant's shoe. But you have also the possibility to walk without the timekeeping

Age groups

There is no age group ranking.