The handcycle race starts in Niedernhall, travelling in the direction of Sindringen. From there, it goes along the Kochertalstraße to Sindringen and then back again to Weißbach. Then another turnaround and they start the second lap, cycling again to the turnaround point in Sindringen and back to Weißbach. Then it's over the Kocherbrücke bridge and back to the finish point at Niedernhall.
Cycling on the right-hand side is strictly enforced and crossing the centre line marking results in disqualification.
The route, approximately 40 km in length, has not been officially measured.
The highway code must be observed along the entire route! Public running event certified and approved by WLV/DLV.

To the route.


For safety reasons, the use of walking poles and baby joggers is not permitted, nor may participants be accompanied by people on bicycles.


There are special chips for handcycle timekeeping. In past years we found that there were frequent problems with timekeeping for handcycles with normal ChampionChips, so we are providing special chips for handcycles.

Closing time at 02:30 pm.

Time limit turn around:
Weißbach (km 20) at 01:15 pm

Age groups

Handcycles will be ranked according to their degree of disability.

Minimum age

Participants born in or before 2002 are eligible.