Time measurement and chip

Timekeeping and chip

How is timekeeping performed? How is timekeeping performed and what service can I expect? These questions are answered here.

Timekeeping (ChampionChip)

Time-keeping will be performed using ChampionChips (does not apply for Nordic walking). If you are already in possession of such a chip, you should quote your personal chip number on registration.
If you do not have your own ChampionChip, one will automatically be assigned to you on a loan basis for a fee of €3.00 (children's races €1.00) on registration. You will receive the chip on collecting your starting papers.
The purchase price of €25.00 will be debited automatically if the ChampionChip is not returned (does not apply for children's races and late registrations, for which a non-returnable chip will be issued).

For more information, go to www.mika.de
Important: No participation without a chip! The chip is non-transferable.

How the ChampionChip works

The ChampionChip uses a miniature transponder enclosed in a special housing. The transponder is a waterproof glass capsule that contains a microchip and a coil for the energy supply. When a participant crosses a timing mat at one of the checkpoints, the coil is charged by a magnetic field and activates the chip. Since the ChampionChip needs no batteries for this process, at four grams it is a true lightweight and fully maintenance-free. During this charging process, each chip transmits its unique identification code to the time measurement system, which transmits the data to the computer in real time for processing.

Where and how to wear the chip

The ChampionChip should be tied to the shoelaces on the front side of a running shoe. It can also be fastened to the ankle with a Velcro strip. It has to be worn near ground level, not in a trouser pocket or on the wrist. Fastening it with metal (key chains, florist wire, etc.) is not advisable as that could impair the measurement function.

How can I order a ChampionChip?

You can order your own chip when registering. Here's how:
Price: € 28.00
The price will be automatically debited from your account along with the entry fee.
Your data will be recorded in our system. The chip will then be sent automatically by post.
The chip can be used at numerous other racing events.

How can I register for an event with my own ChampionChip?

During online registration, enter the 7-digit chip number into the appropriate field without dash and spaces. When registering at the event, glue your barcode label to the appropriate field on the registration form. You can also write your chip number – a 7-digit alphanumeric code engraved in the chip housing – on the form. It is mandatory that you inform us before the race if you are going to take part with your own chip.

Can I also borrow a chip?

You can decide during registration to rent a chip.
One-time rental fee: € 3.00 (children: € 1.00)
The chip must be returned to the chip container in the gymnasium no later that two hours after the end of the event.

Can I keep my rented chip?

You can decide during the online registration to rent a chip.
One-time rental fee: € 3.00
If you decide to keep the chip after the event, that triggers your buy option. After the event, € 25.00 (the difference between the rental fee already paid and the regular purchase price) will be debited from the account specified during your registration.
Attention: This option is not available for late registration on Saturday, 12/09/2020 and Sunday, 13/09/2020.

Where can I return my rented chip?

There are three chip collection points in the gymnasium; they are open until around 4:30 pm. If a rented chip is not returned by 4:30 pm, it becomes the property of the participant.

What does the chip number mean?

Each ChampionChip is unique and bears a unique 7-digit chip number that is assigned only once worldwide. It begins with two letters and a numeral, then come four more characters to complete the ID. Both letters and numerals are used, but "0" is always the numeral zero and never the letter.