Entitlement to attend and General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

§ 1 Registration – Entry fee – Terms of payment – Refunds

(1) Registration can only take place using the online registration form in the Internet. Online registrations will be processed exclusively via the registration tool of our partner Mika timing. No registrations by fax or e-mail will be accepted.

(2) Payment can only be made by direct debit. For online registrations, the entry fee may only be paid by means of a direct debit. Payments by invoice are only permissible for company groups registrations. Registrations without payment will not be accepted. If it is not possible to debit the payment – for example because the specified account has insufficient funds, incorrect bank details were provided, or the participant cancels the direct debit mandate – the bank will charge us a processing fee of €6.00. In this case, the entry fee plus the €6.00 bank fees shall be paid in cash on collection of the starting papers.

(3) Registered participants who without stating a reason fail to appear at the start or who declare to the organisers their intent not to participate are not entitled to a refund of the entry fee. The organisers reserve the right to authorise the refund of the entry fee in the event that evidence of medical grounds for non-participation is presented.

(4) The participant shall receive no refund for rebooking to a less expensive event. Participants who rebook to a more expensive event must pay the additional costs. A substitute participant may be named for a processing fee of €5.00.

§ 2 Exclusion of liability

(1) If in cases of force majeure the organiser is authorised or obliged due to official order or for safety reasons to make changes in the organisation of the event or to cancel the event, the organiser shall not be liable for damages to the participant.

(2) The organisers shall not be held liable for property damage and financial losses that are not at least the result of gross negligence; exceptions to this limitation of liability include damages that are caused by culpable violation of one of the organisers' primary contractual obligations and personal injury (injury to life, body or health of any person). The aforementioned limitations of liability also apply for the personal liability for damages of the employees, representatives, vicarious agents and third parties engaged by the organisers in connection with the performance of activities related to the event or with whom the organisers are contractually bound for this purpose.

(3) The organisers assume no liability for risks to the health of the participants in connection with participation in running events. It is incumbent on participants to evaluate the state of their own health in advance of the event.

(4) The organisers assume no liability for third parties whom they have designated to store the property of participants; the organisers' liability for gross negligence in the selection of said third parties shall remain unaffected.

(5) The costs of any personal medical services provided to a participant shall be borne by the participant in relation to the organisers. The organisers provide no insurance coverage for medical treatment. It is the participant's responsibility to ensure sufficient insurance coverage for medical treatment. Notwithstanding the aforementioned cases of liability for damages on the part of the organisers, no liability shall be assumed by the organisers for the costs of medical treatment (including costs related to such treatment, such as transport and care).

§ 3 Data collection and processing

(1) The personal data provided by the participant during registration shall be stored and processed for the purpose of conducting and settling the event, including for medical care of the participant on the course and in the finish area by the medical services attending to the event. This applies in particular for the data required for processing payments (Section 28 of Germany's Federal Data Protection Act). By registering, the participant consents to the storage of the data for this purpose.

(2) Photos, videos and interviews made of participants in connection with their participation in the event and disseminated by radio, television, print media, online, in books or as reproductions (films, video cassette, digital data media, etc.) may be distributed or published by the organisers without claim to remuneration.

(3) The personal data referred to in (1) shall be transferred to a commercial photography service for the purpose of sending photos of the participant during the race and at the finish line. By registering, the participant consents to the storage and transfer of the data for this purpose. In doing so, however, the participant undertakes no obligation to purchase such a photo.

(4) The personal data referred to in (1) shall be, to the extent that so-called ChampionChips are used in the races, transferred to a commercial third party (currently Mika timing GmbH, Kürtener Straße 11 b, 51465 Bergisch Gladbach, www.mikatiming.de) for the purpose of verifying registration of the ChampionChips (see §6 (1)) and for timekeeping, and to further third parties for the purpose of preparing the results lists and posting these lists on the Internet. By registering, the participant consents to the storage and transfer of the data for these purposes.

(5) The participant's surname, first name, year of birth, sex, club (if any), start number and result (place and time) will be published in starter and results lists in all relevant media accompanying the event and in the Internet. By registering, the participant consents to the storage and processing of the personal data for this purpose.

§ 4 Timekeeping with the "ChampionChip"

Timekeeping at the ebm-papst Marathon is to be performed exclusively with the "ChampionChip" (Mika timing GmbH, Kürtener Straße 11 b, 51465 Bergisch Gladbach, www.mikatiming.de). Participation without a ChampionChip registered to the participant is not permitted under any circumstances.

§ 5 Disqualification and exclusion from the event "

If the officially assigned start number is changed in any way, particularly by rendering the sponsor advertising invisible or illegible, the participant can be barred from participation; in any case, such participant shall be excluded from timed rankings (disqualification).

  • for unsporting or undisciplined conduct
  • for unauthorised outside assistance, such as bicycle pacemakers or walking poles (except for Nordic walking)
  • for folding or covering the start number
  • for taking shortcuts
  • for failing to cross the timing mats along the route
  • for duo marathon participants: starting before or after the relay area
  • for inline races: starting without a helmet
  • for handcycle: crossing the centre line

Furthermore, the rules of the following associations apply: WLV e. V., DLV e. V., NHC e. V. and BWIC e. V.

§ 6 Terms of participation – Safety measures

Any person who has reached the age required for a particular event is eligible to participate. Participation in the ebm-papst Marathon while using other sports equipment, such as racing wheelchairs, handcycles or inline skates, is prohibited. Sports equipment that does not correspond to the above description or that could in any other way compromise the safety or health of the event's participants or visitors may only be used at the event with the prior express consent of the organisers.

The organisers shall inform the participants about organisational provisions before the start of the event. The instructions given by the organisers and by their clearly identifiable personnel must be followed unconditionally. In the event of non-compliance that could disrupt the orderly conduct of the event or endanger the safety of the other participants, the organisers are entitled at any time to bar from the event and/or disqualify the person in question. Legally binding statements to the participants can only be made by a group of persons authorised for this purpose by the organisers. This group of persons also includes members of the medical services attending to the event, who can for a participant's own protection bar the participation or further participation in the event should they observe corresponding health-related indications.