About Hohenlohe

About Hohenlohe and Niedernhall

The Kocher and Jagst rivers, along with the many side valleys, make up Hohenlohe, which comprises a total of 16 municipalities and towns.

About Hohenlohe

The region of Hohenlohe comprises a total of 16 municipalities and towns, and is shaped by the Hohenlohe Plain, the Kocher and Jagst rivers, as well as numerous picturesque side valleys.

Geographically, Hohenlohe is characterised by its many forts, castles and fort ruins, which can be found behind almost every estuary. These remains from times long gone are the reason Hohenlohe is known as the “Land of Forts and Castles”.

Hohenlohe also has plenty to offer in terms of scenery. The Hohenlohe Plain, with its rolling hills, many forests and vineyards, is the perfect backdrop for hiking and cycling tours.

Economically speaking, the district of Hohenlohe is one of the most impressive regions in Baden-Württemberg. When it comes to population figures, it boasts the highest density of world market leaders in Germany. The down-to-earth lifestyle and diligence of the Hohenlohe locals have turned this region into an economic hub with both tradition and a future.

About Niedernhall

The town of Niedernhall is located on the banks of the Kocher and seamlessly integrates into the Hohenlohe Plain with its historic townscape and surrounding vineyards.

Niedernhall is the epitome of an almost forgotten romanticism. The historic town centre, with its 700-metre-long restored town wall from the 14th century, the 13th century Church of St. Laurentius, as well as its last remaining town gate, have been listed for preservation since 1983.

The area around Niedernhall is just as picturesque, as is to be expected from Hohenlohe. The town is surrounded by vineyards that invite exploration on foot, and the nearby Hermersberg Castle is a welcome retreat at the end of a long stroll.

Considering the town was previously a salt mining region, even owing its name to a salt spring, the salt-water bath is another highlight for visitors. This is a place to relax, to rejuvenate body and soul with the beneficial effect of the salt.

Further information: Niedernhall.de

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