We have a broad range of attractions and activities for all ages.

The event grounds and tent in the start/finish area will once again be the centre of all the action for both athletes and visitors. Fun and games will be on offer for the whole family, entertainment is organised for between the awards ceremonies and there is a child care service available for the children of participants (from kindergarten age onwards between 7.30 am and 2.30 pm). Local clubs will be responsible for organising food and drinks and a morning prayer service will be held for the participants at 8 am on Sunday.

Running show

Visit the ebm-papst Marathon running show!

Pasta Party

The ideal event for loading up on carbs!

Childcare service

Any parents running the marathon on Sunday, 13th September 2020 can avail of our childcare service provided on-site.


There will be plenty of exciting activities taking place at the ebm-papst tent during the 25th ebm-papst Marathon, including a number of interesting events that visitors both young and old can get involved in.

Sponsored run

The sponsored run has long been part of the ebm-papst marathon weekend, and ebm-papst will be once again donating €0.50 for every round completed by the children up to 10 years of age.

Award ceremonies

An entertaining stage programme, which will take place between the award ceremonies, is planned for the ebm-papst tent.

ebm-papst apprentice tent

Find out more about the professions and dual study courses offered by ebm-papst. Apprentices from ebm-papst will be in charge of running the tent.