Virtual run

The participation in the ebm‑papst virtual marathon is free of and does not include any other services.


Please note: The participation in the run is at your own risk. Only start your run if you feel physically fit.



Register via our online registration and switch to the "virtual run" tab.

You can start between September 09, 2023 midnight and September 10, 2023 11:59 pm (CEST) via the app at any time directly in front of your door.


You can choose between five different disciplines.

  • Marathon (participation from age 18)
  • Half marathon (participation from age 16)
  • 10 km run (participation from age 14)
  • 7,5 km / 12 km Nordic Walking (no age limit)
  • 23 km inline run (participation from age 15)
  • 5 km free run


The timing is done with the mika:timing tracking & event app - you can download this app for free (iOS or Android). Shortly before the event, the ebm‑papst marathon will be available in the app and you can add it to your favorites.


App information:

  • First register online for the virtual ebm‑papst Marathon.
  • Then download the mika:timing tracking & event app from the App Store or Play Store. 
  • Activate the mobile data connection in your fully charged smartphone.
  • Start the app & select the "ebm‑papst Marathon 2023"! Please note: The run will only be available in the app shortly before the event.
  • Now select the module "My race" and log in with your RegistrationID and your last name. You will receive your RegistrationID by mail before the event.
  • Don’t forget to download the audio file for the live feeling. You should still be on Wi-Fi for this to save your mobile data volume.
  • When you are ready, start the tracking in the area "My race". Once started your time will run. You cannot repeat the race!
  • After the event, please stop tracking again.
  • Your result from the virtual run will not be included in the results list of the ebm‑papst Marathon in Niedernhall. 
  • There will be no award ceremony at the virtual ebm‑papst Marathon.

Your advantages: 

  • Start your race at a location of your choice.
  • With the app we take your time - the timing is based on GPS positions.
  • Run your route virtually. Including virtual finish line!
  • Your result will be automatically added to the result list. There you will find your personal certificate after the run.


  • Fully charge your smartphone. GPS tracking can shorten your battery life.
  • To increase the accuracy of the GPS tracking, we recommend you to place your smartphone on your arm. The smartphone should not be covered.
  • Supported are Apple iPhones running at least iOS 13 and Android devices running at least Android 7.
  • Please update the app to the latest version before the race.
  • If you are using an Android smartphone please make absolutely sure that all battery optimization or battery saving settings are disabled for the app.

Are you ready to run? We look forward to welcoming you!