Mini marathon, 4.2 km


The race starts in Niedernhall.
The route leads downstream along the Kocher cycle track nearly as far as Weissbach and from there back to the finish line in Niedernhall.

The highway code must be observed along the entire route! Public running event certified and approved by WLV/DLV.

To the route.

Quelle: Bikemap GmbH


For safety reasons, the use of walking poles and baby joggers is not permitted, nor may participants be accompanied by people on bicycles.


Timekeeping is performed with a ChampionChip, which must be fastened to the participant's shoe.

Gross times are used for ranking in the mini marathon, mini half-marathon, mini 10K run and the bambini marathon.

Age groups

There is no ranking by age group.

Minimum age

Participants born in or before 2005 to 2010 are eligible.