Overnight accommodation

Here, you will find information about staying overnight in the gymnasium or can choose a more comfortable option from the list of nearby hotels provided.

Participants may stay in the Niedernhall educational centre on Saturday night free of charge. A healthy, inexpensive breakfast will be served from 6.30 am in the ebm-papst tent. The shower facilities in the gymnasium will be available to use. To registrate for a night free of charge, please send an e-mail to: orgateam@ebmpapst-marathon.de
You also have the option of pitching a tent in the Braunsbach campsite (approx. 23 km from the start/finish area).

Anyone looking for something more comfortable can choose from a selection of hotels in the region (prices subject to change):

Hotel namePlacePhoneSingle room in €Double room in €
Altes AmtshausAilringen+49 7937 9700from 104,-from 154,-
Schloss DöttingenBraunsbach - Döttingen+49 7906 1010from 64,-from 84,-
Pension "Am Brunnentor"Forchtenberg+49 7947 940612from 40,-from 50,-
Bistro Pension MForchtenberg+49 7947 940612from 40,50from 57,-
Gasthaus zur BrauereiForchtenberg+49 7947 2202from 40,-from 65,-
"Pennsion" Oma MarieForchtenberg+49 7947 366from 39,-from 59,-
Hotel NorthwangForchtenberg - Sindringen+49 7948 521from 54,-from 75,-
Haus HessForchtenberg - Sindringen+49 7948 74670from 27,-from 44,-
Landgasthof-Hotel KroneForchtenberg - Sindringen+49 7948 91000from 58,-from 85,-
Landgasthof JagstmühleHeimhausen+49 7938 90300from 105,-from 135,-
Landgasthof zum ObergässlerHermuthausen+49 7940 98291from 38,-from 68,-
Gasthof Verborgener WinkelHohebach+49 7937 803637from 40,-from 58,-
Gasthaus LindeIngelfingen - Weldingsfelden+49 7938 328from 39,-from 69,-
Landhotel BeckKupferzell - Beltersrot+49 7944 91700from 53,-from 85,-
Landhotel Gasthof KroneKupferzell - Eschental+49 7944 670from 72,-from 99,-
Landhotel GünzburgKupferzell - Eschental+49 7944 91010from 52,-from 80,-
Hotel Garni Wilder MannKünzelsau+49 7940 91770from 41,20from 66,40
Hotel Anne SophieKünzelsau+49 7940 93460from 89,-from 130,-
Landgasthof AdlerKünzelsau+49 7940 92960from 48,-from 65,-
Landgasthof LellKünzelsau - Belsenberg+49 7940 93540from 49,-from 69,-
My HotelKünzelsau - Gaisbach+49 7940 9311930from 49,-from 69,90
Gasthaus KroneMulfingen+49 7938 205from 26,-from 48,-